Whilst marketing tends to be seen online, there’s also some offline techniques that can improve your overall marketing strategy. This includes tools like flyers, offline tools tend to be overlooked when it comes to necessary parts of a marketing strategy. When used correctly they’re an effective marketing tool. Leaflets work best for use on campaigns where the message is clear and easy to read, leaflets help you grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested.

Clear and Concise

When it comes to using printed leaflets, they’re popular in marketing campaigns as they’re small in size and easy to read. Recipients are less likely to find them daunting and will browse them and what you’ve got to offer. Should your mailing lists be designed and well printed, even a brief glance should be enough to make the recipient aware of your business, your products and services.

Low Cost

When it comes to costs, leaflets are a great lower cost alternative to brochures, they’re also one of the most affordable types of printed products and are well suited for use on projects that have a small budget. What’s more, depending on the style of leaflet you choose, your printed products can be produced in a quick turnaround, allowing you time to start your campaign quicker.

The right style of leaflet

The key to a successful marketing campaign is choosing the correct style of leaflet for your campaign, the most successful and simplest style of leaflet is a single fold and perfect to give potential or existing all information they need at a glance. Leaflets can also be designed to your exact specifications they can also be multipurpose, for example if you’re selling products your promotional flyers can also double up as a product guides.

A Direct Marketing Tool

One of the top features of using a leaflet as a direct marketing tool means that they can be physically distributed to individuals and if required these people can be specifically chosen so that your information is being directed to the most suitable audience. Some forms of advertising are overlooked meaning your advertising budget could be wasted, when it comes to leaflet design, you’re in 100% control at all times.

Whilst there are clearly certain benefits of using printed flyers as part of your marketing toolbox, it is important to note that design, content and distribution methods are going to determine the effective. As with everything, quality is key.