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Welcome to the Wotton Printers book printing and self-publishing advice page.
We love the fact that we have helped 100’s of people self-publish their memoirs and books.
Hopefully we can give you more of an insight into our book printing services, self-publishing and tips on writing your own book.


Book Printing at Wotton Printers

Wotton Printers has been at the centre of printing since the 1800’s, we first established our business in Newton Abbot in the year of 1885. Since then the company has grown and adopted modern technology through the decades. Book printing has always been at the heart of Wotton Printers since we first set up so many years ago.

Our recent publishing’s include memoirs of local residents during WW2, career histories, fiction, family histories, and much more. Each customer at Wotton Printers is treated as our only customer, we guide you through each step of the publishing process and advise you on how to distribute and sell your books.


We know there are a lot of bad publishers out there, that drive down your percentage and demand more content on a regular basis. Here at Wotton Printers, you own your book, we merely ask you to pay for it to be printed, we competitively quote and print your book on the highest quality of stock.

Self-publishing is not hard, once you have sorted your copy (text) and have your content ready to go (images et al) you simply contact us direct and we can then start the process of publishing your book / memoirs.

Self-publishing tips

  1. Proof-read your book
    Have friends and family or even a professional proof-reader go through your book and find grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes.
  2. Choose a book cover
    Ensure you have given much thought about your book cover, the cover is your shop window to your story / memoirs.
  3. Research your market
    Be sure to understand your market, whether that is on a large scale for your future bestselling fiction novel on space mice or small; memoirs for your friends and family / local history and facts. This determines your budget.
  4. Be wary
    Be wary of so called ‘self-publishers’ that take a large fee to print, publish and market your book without actually doing anything. Always read the small print. Please contact us for client testimonials or if you would like some more advice on this.
  5. Seek Advice
    Speak to your friends and family, ask what they think about your book and what they advise you to do with it, alternatively contact us at Wotton Printers, where our dedicated book team can help you with any questions.

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