Well, the World Cup is in full swing and England have already lost their first match, but who’s surprised?! I for one, am actually one of the few people who was very surprised we lost our World Cup opener!

On paper, yes, Italy are a team to be feared, but without their previous world cup history and head to head record, I genuinely felt as though we would get off to a great start… I guess I was proved wrong when Balotelli drove a spear through the English peoples hearts on Saturday night!

All hope hasn’t been lost yet though, and I am very confident we can do to Uruguay, exactly what Costa Rica did. Assuming Italy beat Costa Rica the following day, we can go on to qualify by beating the Costa Rican’s on the last day of group stage matches.

It seems like England were written off right from the start, and yet, Wotton Printers are remaining very optimistic about our chances of qualifying! If we played how we played against the Italians, we should make light work of Uruguay and Costa Rica. FINGERS CROSSED!


There was great hype before the World Cup kicked off about the quality of football we were going to see, and thankfully we haven’t been let down. It’s been goals galore so far, and we’ve had a few surprises already too! I think you will be just as shocked as me to have seen the Spanish get turned over by an energetic Dutch team who were ruthless in the way they went about their business. Robben, Van Persie and Sneijder were all on top form as the likes of Xavi and Iniesta were humbled on Brazilian soil.

So what have we got to look forward to now? Well after the Argies kicked their campaign off with a win last night we can look forward to an all-star showdown between Germany and Portugal this evening. Ronaldo, Muller, Nani and Ozil should all be on display to give us all an entertaining evening! Maybe Monday’s aren’t so bad after all!

P.s. We hope everyone is enjoying a World Cup that doesn’t involve Vuvuzela’s!