Some businesses shy away from using printed leaflets over the Christmas period, but there is really no reason for them to do this. There are five good reasons why the sending of printed leaflets should be something that you consider this Christmas season in order to get your business noticed.

1. The Use Of Colour – Colour is always an important tool in getting your leaflet noticed but over Christmas it can make all the difference to how much attention your customers pay to your marketing leaflets.

2. Tell Customers About Your Special Deals – Most businesses will be offering a number of special deals around the Christmas period and using a printed leaflet to let your customers know about your deals is an effective way to make your business stand out from the crowd.

3. Surprise Your Customers – Everyone likes to receive a nice surprise at Christmas and your printed leaflets can be the ideal way to communicate with your customers that you have a special offer that has been personally tailored to them.

4. Allow A Story To Be Told – You may have a story about the product that you have on offer or about your business as a whole. Christmas is the perfect time of year to share this story, and a printed leaflet can help you tell it.

5. Get Creative – There are many different options that you have for your leaflets this Christmas period rather than just the traditional A4 and A5 designs. The options are virtually unlimited and any design that you have in mind should be able to be created.

In order to be truly effective, you should get your leaflets professionally produced. This will give your business the greatest chance of being noticed through the marketing leaflets that you give out, as these leaflets will be of a much higher quality than you would be able to print yourself. Contact Wotton Printers today if you are looking for leaflets and flyers with a festive feel.