Wotton Printers 3 Top tips to help you Create Great Banner Stands!
Banner stands and banners are an excellent way of ensuring your products and services are visible at an exhibition or trade show. It doesn’t matter what style of banner you go for, adding images, colour and graphics can make sure you stand out from the crowd. In some circumstances, it can be difficult for your banner stand to stand out if everyone is using the same old approach. Here are 3 things that you should consider when designing banner stands:

1. High Definition Images

The images that you use need to be of the highest quality to ensure that your banner stand gets top billing. If you do this, then it will make it much easier for your stand to be recognised and noticed. It is advisable to have your images saved as 300 dpi (dots per inch) and this will ensure that they are of a good size and can stand out quite well. The consistency of the product should also not be altered and you will realise just how good your banner stand looks. It’s never a good idea to copy and paste an image from the web and resize it as this can leave you with a pixelated image which won’t look very good at all and will not convey the message which you want to get across. So remember, HD images are the key to success!

2. Be Creative With Your Message

Images are a very powerful tool when it comes to getting emotion out of your picture and creating memories for your customers. Images can be extremely effective, although the emotion you get from them can also be negative and may not be the desired response that you are looking for. You need to have a very clear message that you want to get across when you are designing your banner stand and ensure that you achieve what you want to from it. Do you want it to drive sales or simple generate awareness about you and your product? It all depends on the message you want to portray and the role you want your image to play. Once you know this, you can easily create the right image for what you are looking to market.

3. How Will You Use Your Colour & Text?

If you want to use images on a banner stand, you need to consider the role that text and colour have in getting your point across. Colour can attract people as it may lend your banner a certain artistic quality. However, if you want to really grab someone’s attention then a powerful text-based headline will be the way to do this. Please be aware though, that any images which accompany the text need to align with it well and the background colour used needs to be appropriate. They should compliment it rather than detract from it. If the image is the main part of the banner then small captions of text should support it and accentuate the benefits and highlights of it. If you take these things into account, you will be on the right road to creating a great banner stand for use at a conference or exhibition.

Be thoughtful with your images and they will help you portray your message!

The main challenge facing those who plan a banner design is knowing when enough is enough – You need to know when to draw the line!

Banner stands provide a larger surface area than you will probably be used to working with, but you don’t have to go overboard. Local marketing generally revolves around the likes of posters, brochures and leaflets, so you need to utilise your new space and use images wisely. You want your message to stand out and images should not distract people from the main purpose of it.

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