Wotton Printers first opened its doors in 1885 and since then has spent little time with them closed. 2015 marks our 130th year of printing; it’s fair to say that our machinery has changed a great deal from the old printing presses we used to have to the machines we use currently and there are no doubts that the technology has improved greatly over the years.

We print for a variety of companies such as International Dance Supplies, RD Johns, Seymour Horwell and Stagecoach Devon. These companies have grown and expanded alongside us for many years.

We have seen many faces come and go, Samual Wotton in 1885 who later passed his business on to his son Arthur Wotton up until 1947. The Boyes family then ran the company up until 1984 during this period the business expanded and the old presses were gradually replaced by new automatic machinery. In 1974 new factory premises were completed and enlarged to accommodate the extra machinery and storage to make room for the now larger business. When the Boyes family left the company Wotton’s was taken over by Mr Conway in 1985. Mr Conway ran Wotton Printers until 1998 who then sold the business on to Roger Mann who had worked within the company since 1977.

Since 1998 Wotton’s have been embracing each generation of new technology to expand the range and to improve the quality of services we offer. The original printing presses were powered by a gas engine with a drive train of overhead shafts and belts; we’ve come a long way since then and intend to only go further.

2008 saw the company move to larger improved premises overlooking the River Lemon and Teign at The Town Quay. The move allowed newer presses to be installed for both Litho and Digital Printing along with an improved Platemaker. The state of the art equipment in all areas of the business has allowed Wotton’s to print and finish work within our new building.