Wotton Printers believe that leaflets are extremely effective and want to show all of our customers exactly why. Leaflets are still proving their worth, and continue to be a necessity to all successful businesses out there. The overall design of the leaflet is what determines how successful and effective the leaflet is, and the role it will play within your business. Wotton Printers are here to help, and provide further information on how to create a successful leaflet, and achieve its full potential.

Advice on Creating a Successful Leaflet


The overall appearance of your leaflet, will be the ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ factor for if a customer will choose to read your leaflet or not. Little finishing touches go a long way, and a well designed leaflet will improve not only the appearance of your leaflet, but the amount of readers it gets. If something looks interesting and catches someone’s eye, you are a lot more likely to read further into it and find out more. To increase the number of readers to your leaflet, it is best to put the time and effort into the design stage. This will instantly give your leaflet a higher chance of being fully read through, and will trigger an interest into your business, and hopefully a sale.


Targeting the right audience is key. It would be of no use to target everyone out there, when only 40% of the people are likely to use or need your business. Therefore, it is best to choose your audience carefully and work to provide information which is just relevant to your audience, not everyone. The information itself needs to be understandable and is an extremely important factor of your leaflet. If the leaflet itself was to look brilliant, but the text was unappealing, you would instantly deter readers. The presentation and information within the leaflet all needs to be carefully thought out. The leaflet should aim to target the audiences interest and cover everything they would look for and need to know about your business. Your leaflet should represent the quality and cost of your business to, if you are offering a high end product or service, your leaflet should resemble this and vice versa.

Getting it Right

Once you have got these stages right, you need to measure just how effective your campaign will be. Normally, this would include using a type of tracking measurement to use throughout your campaign. This could be a voucher, discount code, or asking for customers to follow you on Twitter, or like your account on Facebook. When customers contact you, you should track your success, this will show you the most common ways people are finding your business and how well your are doing.

Track your business’s success when customers contact you by:

  • Asking where the customer heard about your business
  • Keeping a track of the coupons and discount codes that are uses
  • Noting your social media and analytics growth, to see the improvements

Here at Wotton Printers, all of our leaflets are available or print in different sizes with a silk or gloss effect. We provide leaflet printing in the following sizes:

  • A4 silk or gloss
  • A5 silk or gloss
  • A6 silk or gloss

If you are looking for high quality leaflets in Newton Abbot, Torquay and any areas surrounding Devon, be sure to to give Wotton Printers a call today! We provide a first class service with the best standard of leaflet printing there is, with that being said, why look else where? Contact Wotton Printers today!