8 Summer Marketing Ideas

With each Season meaning different things to business and clients, finding the right printing material is key. In order to portray the right message, you need to keep up to date with each Season and trend. Where possible, we would advise that your printing is current and trendy in order to catch the user’s attention. Being on trend doesn’t mean that you’ll follow the same look at competitors, but instead you’ll have more chance of being chosen for your services, you just want to stand out a little! To help ensure that your printing reflects your business in a positive light, we have some Summer Printing Ideas to get your business ready for Summer 2017!

Come and find out what we have hidden up our sleeve as we reveal our 8 Summer Marketing Ideas for 2017. Enjoy!

Summer Printing Ideas

Printing Designs for Summer 2017

Wotton Printers printing ideas for Summer 2017 include…

  • Flowers
  • Good use of colour (staying within your branding)
  • Why not try a joke?
  • Pineapples, Cactus, Watermelons and Flamingos are on trend this year… Can you use them?
  • Style your print out like a Magazine cover
  • Experiment and have fun with the design, try a holiday theme and see how it goes!
  • Use a bunting to title your print
  • If you’re looking to promote a sale or offer, try a postcard as a fun printing layout

Printing is all about experimenting and finding out what’s right, what works and what doesn’t for your business. A similar company may reap benefits from using certain colours or theme, where your business may not, but it’s all about trying out what works for your audience, products and budget.

Printing Services Newton Abbot

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