It may be the beginning of February, but we’re already talking Spring! The key to running a successful business is being one step ahead. Whether you’re thinking about promo printing for Spring or even Christmas, you’re taking the first step forward to increasing your advertising and staying ahead of trends. In order to help businesses in Devon with their printing, we have came up with some ideas for Spring print designs to help your business become more competitive and ahead of your game.

Spring Printing Tips

Tips for Spring Printing

With printing being an all year round solution to advertising, we have a few tips and pieces of advice to help your Spring design be as powerful and successful as possible. From the type of content you include to the colour of your print, everything matters. Don’t overlook things as ‘that’ll do’ because it’s the first impression of your printing that matters most to clients. Check out our advice for Spring printing below to find out more on what you need to do this Spring to catch your target audience’s attention.

Light Shades

The colours used in your printing reflects not only your business, but the message you’re transferring too. For positive results, aim for light shades or pastel colours.

Cute Works

With it being Spring, incorporating an Easter bunny or cute image to your design (where applicable) can be extremely effective. When used correctly, cute sells be it a puppy or baby, having an adorable image on your print not only shows your human, it adds personality too, which perhaps is the reason for it working so well.

Insert Social Media Links

Always remember to add your social media links to printing. This provides a quick and easy way for the reader to find you on social media and potentially like, follow or even review your service. It also adds clarity of the fact that your business does exist too.

Always Allow for Bleed

A lot of mistakes are made in designs when there is no room for bleed. This can corrupt the quality of the print as well as miss out some information. Find out more about what bleed means on our FAQ litho printing.

For all your printing needs, be it Summer or Spring, Wotton Printers are always here to ensure the best results for your specific needs. Our printers have years of experience in both litho printing and digital printing on all quantities and sizes, so if you’re looking for an expert team you can trust, Wotton Printers are the ones to call!