When it comes to designing printed marketing material, colour plays a very important role. Very often, vibrant colours are chosen because you may think that these are the best choices to get your printing noticed. While this may be the case, the colours that you choose can have an effect on people that you might not have thought about. By understanding the psychology associated with particular colours, you will be able to make better choices about the design of your printed materials.

How Do People Respond To Colours?

Psychologists regularly carry out studies to assess how people respond to different colours. The results of these studies can help you when you are designing your marketing materials, because they can help you get the right message across to your customers. Colours are categorised into two separate groups, warm and cool, and people will respond to each group in different ways.

Warm Colours

Bright colours such as red, yellow, pink and orange are considered to be warm colours.

Orange and yellow often make people think of warmth as they remind them of the sun, and so they will generally react positively to the use of these colours. Red should be used with care as it can remind people of anger, but as it is so bright and will get people’s attention, it can be used on sale posters for example. Another colour that is classified as warm that surprises many people, is the colour black which can be used to add a touch of sophistication to your advertising.

Cool Colours

Cool colours make people feel more relaxed, and this group includes colours such as blue, green, purple, brown and white. Blue is a very popular choice when it comes to printing, as it makes people feel calm, and they can also associate it with trust, which is the reason why so many big companies use it in their logo. White is another popular cool colour to use in printing as it is so versatile and can be used with almost any other colour. The cool colour that you should take care with is brown, as while some people associate this with the Earth, it can remind others of dirt.

The design team at Wotton Printers have been helping businesses create their marketing materials for years, and we know which colours work best for particular campaigns. We are happy to provide you with as much advice and support as you need during the design process, and are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have.