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As the leading Litho Printers in Devon, Wotton Printers are well positioned to serve businesses and/or people working and living in the Torquay area. When it comes to Litho Printing, Wotton Printers have many years of experience working within the industry and will always do anything we can to help local businesses succeed, whether that be through the fast turnaround we offer, or the quality of products which we are capable of producing.

If you are looking for Litho Printers in Torquay then Wotton Printers are well within touching distance. Our base in Newton Abbot means we are extremely close to those of you living and working in Torquay and we have a sizeable client base who operate in Torquay and use Wotton Printers time and time again. With that being said, our reputation and our portfolio is continually growing, so be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or require a FREE QUOTE.

Litho Printing throughout Torquay and Devon

For many years now, Wotton Printers have been offering Litho Printing services throughout Torquay and the surrounding Devon area. No matter how big or small the job is, Wotton Printers will happily talk to you about your plans for print and we will always do our utmost to produce first class results with quality finishing. This will help your business stand out from the crowd and get your business noticed for all the right reasons.

From flyers to leaflets, maps to letterheads, business cards, brochures and much more, Wotton Printers are able to provide you with a vast range of materials, helping your business to succeed through the use of effective marketing and high quality printed materials.

Litho Printing is an excellent choice if you need materials mass producing. With quick turnaround times available and being a cost-effective solution for advertising, Wotton Printers encourage people looking for large print runs to choose Litho Printing, as the more you print, the more you save. By calling Wotton Printers today, we can give you a quote on any litho printing and talk to you about the different options available. As the leading Litho Printers in Devon, there’s no reason why you should look anywhere else when searching for Litho Printers in Torquay.


Lithography was invented in 1796 by a German Author and Actor to produce cheap theatrical works in wax. In the present day Lithography, the artwork is made of polymer coating which is applied to a flexible metal plate, usually aluminum.

To produce an item lithographically, the surface of a flat stone plate is made rough and etched slightly and then divided up into hydrophilic areas that accept a film of water, and therefore will repel the greasy ink. The hydrophobic areas will repel the water and accept the ink because the surface tension is far greater on the greasy image region, which remains dry and explains the process of litho printing.

When it comes to lithography, it gives a clear print impression, this is due to the soft rubber surface blanket which works on a variety of textual surfaces and materials. The main characteristics of litho printing is that it has an unwrinkled print appearance as well as lacking ring print and serrated edges.

Quick process

Lithographic printing is very efficient and has the ability to print up to 50,000 sheets an hour, meaning you can get things done concisely and effectively.

Value for money

When it comes to larger products, lithography is very cost effective as it produces multiple prints of great quality for a cheaper cost.


This type of print is very flexible and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including leather, plastic, wood, cloth and metal, whilst still providing a quality finish.

What is the difference between litho and digital printing?

Digital printing means a job can go directly from a computer file to the plate, meaning there’s no need for films, making digital printing a quick process. Litho printing uses a plate which is specially coated so the ink sticks to dry areas of the plate and the ink image is transferred or off-set onto a rubber blanket, creating the printed image.

At Wotton Printers, we pride ourselves on providing only the best quality printing, whether it be a large banner or a set of business cards, we’ll ensure you receive something to be proud of. Simply contact our team to see how they can help.

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