As you all know, summer is finally here! This is why we have decided to write a blog, outlining the key steps to leaflet success this summer. Leaflets can be used for a variety of reasons during the summer months, such as advertising festivals and events, which is why it’s important to know the best way to utilise them. As experienced printers, we have seen a lot of leaflets over the years, which means you can rest easy knowing we’re very knowledgeable when it comes to printed leaflets. So, without further ado, here are the seven steps to summer leaflet success.

Leaflets and Flyers


1. Short Headlines

When creating a leaflet, it is important to write your headline like a newspaper. Keeping a short and clear headline will help to entice people into reading your leaflet, as people don’t want to read a lot of information, especially if they’re out and about doing their day-to-day business. It’s very important to catch the eye of the customer when marketing your products and services, so a short, snappy headline is a sure-fire way to achieve this. Don’t risk losing customers with a long winded, cluttered headline.

2. Time Bound Offer Usage

A brilliant way to bring in custom and to persuade people to use your services is by putting a time bound offer on our leaflet. For example, during summer, you can offer a discount until the end of the summer months, which could help to bring a lot of people to you and your event. Don’t make the mistake of not putting an end date on your leaflet, however, as this could lead to people taking advantage of your offer and can cause significant problems for your business. We strive to help your business increase its outreach and want you to make money off of the back of our printed leaflets, which is why we put every single ounce of effort that we can muster into each and every printed leaflet that we provide to our customers.

3. Headline Placement

Correct headline placement is of vital importance to anyone looking to generate maximum awareness for whatever it is they’re advertising this summer. Regardless of whether you’re handing your leaflets out to people in the centre of town or putting them on a rack for people to take at their leisure, putting the headline directly at the top will help to draw the attention of potential customers. A well placed headline can make a huge difference to your marketing campaign, as it can help to generate a lot of interest in what you’re offering. At Wotton Printers, we can help to design and print your leaflets, so be sure to get in touch with us today if you require our truly amazing services.

4. Logo Placement

Much the same as the headline placement, the placement of your logo can make a massive difference to your marketing. We are aware that a lot of businesses just stick their logo at the top and think no more of it, but we know different. The best place to put your logo is somewhere near the bottom, as if your leaflet is printed to a high enough standard, people will want to carry on reading it. Placing your logo at the bottom will enable people who are genuinely interested in your services to find your company logo and information, which is better than shoving it in their face before they even start to read. If your logo is a little bit outdated, putting it right at the top of your leaflet can be off-putting to potential clients.

5. High Quality, Striking Images

A high quality, striking image is one of the most effective and easiest ways to catch someone’s attention. If your leaflet is being displayed in a rack, for example, people walking by will see it and, most of the time, be drawn to it. When walking, people don’t tend to register words as well as they do images, which is why a high quality and striking image is vital to an effective leaflet marketing campaign. This is a truly fantastic way to generate brand awareness, because if you use your own pictures and have them printed, it allows potential customers to see just what your business is all about as soon as they see your leaflet.

6. Utilise Space On The Back

Leaflets shouldn’t just be ‘one sided’, you should utilise the space on the back as much as you possibly can. If you’re using the time bound offer tip, this is a perfect place to expand on that offer, to try and further grasp the attention of the customer. It also lets people read more information on the services you’re offering (or even an event that you’re advertising this summer). Utilising the back space correctly can persuade the reader to keep your leaflet and use it whenever they require your services, or are looking for additional information about whatever it is you’re advertising.

7. Call To Action

Lastly, if you’ve correctly utilised all of the previous steps, a call to action will be needed. This is because people will want to find out more information on whatever you’ve been advertising. Telling them what to do next is a brilliant way to ensure more interaction with your business or event, so why not put a telephone number, email or even a website on there, too? Company information is a very important factor in getting people to interact with your business, which is why you should also include information such as your company name and address (if possible). Never assume that the customer knows how to contact you.