Large format printing is readily available. There are multiple locations across the state. However, only trust the best when printing your projects. There are many uses for this print. These include:

  • Banners
  • Exhibitions
  • Backlight signs
  • Posters
  • Large Photographic Printing
  • Sign and Stickers
  • Graphics for the floor
  • Graphics for glass and vehicles

Large format printing has many uses, but it is ideal for advertising. Business owners can help get their brand visible with this prints. In fact, most small business owners have a marketing strategy that includes both printed and digital mediums. Printing is perfect for reaching clients that are in the area, as you can make your brand easily recognizable with them. Physical advertising reaches a wider variety of people. Additionally, it is easy to make sure that it reaches the right audience.

There are many uses for large format printing, but the following will allow you to unleash your creativity.

Car Wraps

Everyone reads the advertisements in cars and trucks when stuck in traffic, or even at a stop light. Because of this, potential customers will see your brand on your vehicle wraps. Doing so will turn your simple car or van into a mobile ad that will be seen by many. The audience of this are locals, so it is perfect to ensure that those close by know about you.

CAD Drawings

Drawings usually made by architects on computers are usually lowly produced. However, we will make sure that the rigorous research and designing will be able to come to life in no time. There is no need for you to wait days before you can see the design on paper.

Colour Presentations

Nothing grabs your clients attention like a vibrant, colourful large wall painting. Your customer will remember you forever when you present your ideas next to a large colourful presentation.
Large colour displays can also be used inside of the office. You can give an update about an ongoing project, or inform your employees about the new, exciting project. Everyone will be compelled to help when you set up a large colourful presentation that describes a fundraiser. Furthermore, prospective clients will be able to locate your business when you put a large, vibrant window display. At Wotton Printers, you can print any image that comes to your mind.

Creative Printing

There are no limits to what you can print in large formats. You can put any design all over your walls or even floor. You can choose landscapes, footprints, a computer game simulation or many other designs. If you can think of it, we can print it.

Your business will boom when you use the large format printing of Wotton Printers. All of your clients will find you easier. No matter what you want to accomplish, there is an option for you. Call Wotton Printers today to bring your dreams to reality.