Filled with glitz and glamour, the fashion industry is a plethora of catwalk shows and hundreds of famous faces. With so many fashion brands in the marketplace, getting a customer to part with their money can be a difficult task as there is so much choice on offer. This is the reason for the large amount of promotional channels used by fashion brands to market their wares. Leaflets are the advertising medium we look at today as their role in the fashion industry is disseminated.

Why do Fashion Brands use leaflets?

Leaflets are a very popular method of advertising and they can easily inform customers of any new fashion ranges or in-store offers. The campaigns are often based on users previous spending habits so this can mean that leaflets can be tailored to meet the demands of customers. There will be many different messages on leaflets, some advertising special offers, perhaps a discount or even some information on the brand itself. Here are 3 tips to bear in mind when printing leaflets for the fashion industry.

1. Allow your image to stand out

The important role of images in marketing is one which is talked about often and in the fashion industry images are vitally essential. Customers buy with their eyes based upon how a product looks, so the products in a leaflet need to be very appealing indeed. Essentially, the image needs to be very prominent and the main asset of your leaflet. Whether it is a dress, jacket, pair of shoes or jeans, you need to make them look very good and stand out. A glossy finish to your leaflet is always a good idea and helps add flair to your image.

2. Product specifics are important

When you are using a leaflet or flyer in the fashion industry, you should list any key information pertaining to it and ensure that you put in details about the colours and sizes available, materials used and even a short description to get maximum exposure for your product. Don’t elaborate too much though as your item of clothing should still be the main attraction. Including the key features of your product can sway the customers to purchase the item that you are offering.

3. Think about seasonal colours

The fashion industry is very volatile and can change in any week or day to be honest as things go on and off trend. Colours are certainly like this and they can have quite a large impact on what is in season. In the summer months bright colours work well whereas in the winter months lighter shades are quite conducive to achieving the purpose that you want to. Research the colours that are in for the season and try to get these in your design somehow. As there are so many websites which go on about what is in trend with the fashion industry, you need to be right on trend when you do start to pick colours!

Think about using an offer!
Do not neglect offers as they can be a special incentive for customers to purchase your product and the leaflet will be a lot more memorable for them. Free delivery, a gift when you order or a discount code are all winners with people in the modern age!


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