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When it comes to your business, clear, consistent branding is vital and this rule applies to a number of industries and types of businesses. By using effective branding, this will help your business to become clearly recognised, especially when considering the area you’re based in. At Wotton Printers we’ve come up with some of the best ways to help brand your business.

Ways to brand your business

Branding can be placed anywhere and everywhere, the more places you use your branding, the more likely someone will notice you and your business. By using consistent branding across your physical and online business, this will help you to build and grow your brand name.

Print media

Most businesses should be using letter headed paper, this is where branding and printing come together. Letterheads or other types of business stationery that you’re using should always meet your current branding. Whilst its important that you brand your business stationery, don’t forget to ensure that your print based media also has a coherent feel to it. This includes flyers, posters and leaflets, these should all be branded around your business. This covers areas like using the same colours as well as ensuring that the use of your logo helps to make your brand instantly recognisable. With print based marketing, it’s important to get the attention of the reader, so consider using a professional designer to produce a design and a brand that’s suitable for use on all types of printing. For more information on the printed media we offer, call the team at Wotton Printers.

Website and Online Presence

Should you own a business but don’t have a website or social media platform, then where have you been. Online marketing is vital and is continuing to grow year on year, it’s important to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of these tools which can be at your disposal. Social media is a great and cheap way to advertise your business, especially in a local area, so make sure that you have profiles on every platform and that they are applicable to your business. Through using the same branding across all of your social media, this can help to build brand awareness. In addition to social media, it’s important that you have a website. Your brands website should be based around your message and ethos as well as including your logo. By having a clearly branding online presence, as well as physical presence this will help people to identify your brand and business.