Businesses are starting to branch out and start up online, and that means businesses can get more customers and also engage with their current customers on more of a personal basis. This helps to build a better relationship between the business and its customers and also shows loyalty.

Compliment slips are a great personal touch and by adding a hand written note on the slip shows that someone in the business has actually sat and took time out to write a little thank you note. This then makes the customer feel important to the business and that they are a valued customer. Something as little as a compliment slip can result in the customer returning to purchase things and therefore increased sales. Compliment slips work well when sending a letter is too much, as these are small enough to leave a little message of appreciation, and can give the customer the necessary information which is needed.

What should I print on my compliment slip?

Just like letterheads and business cards, compliment slips also need contact details, this can often lead to the customer using the slip to get in contact with the business. It is advisable to use the same design on your compliment slips that are on your letterheads, cards and printing materials. Try to keep what is going on the slip simple, just put your logo and some of your company branding. This way, you can have enough space to write your message.

When should I use a compliment slip?

Compliment slips can be used when any products have been purchased, with catalogues, brochures or even documents which you give out or send to both your customers and clients. It is always best where possible, to try and write something by hand as it means a lot more to the customer to receive a hand written message rather then a printed one. This shows that the time and effort has been taken to write the message and engage with the customer.

What should I write?

Depending on the information or the subject of why you are sending the compliment slip it will usually be a simple message like ‘speak to you soon’ or ‘many regards’. It is all based down to the customer, it could even be a formal message. Compliment slips are for quite short messages so if it might be more than a few sentences it may be best to write a letter. Compliment slips are there for a short and simple message to give to the customer.

What size are they?

The size can differ, however the common size is 210 x 99mm or 1/3 of a A4 size of paper, this is mainly due to the fact it means they fit in envelopes better without having to be folded. This is a good size to use for a compliment slip, as it means they are still a decent size to be included in a parcel or package and can still be seen and easily read.

Compliment slips are good way to use manners and just to generally say thank you or send a short message to a customer. This then shows a genuine care and interest towards the customer and, can lead to a good relationship between the business and the customer with a possible long term loyal customer.