So happy new year everyone! We’re really happy with how far our business has came over the years and are more than excited to see where the future will take us. As a way to say ‘thank you’ for your support, we have developed 5 handy hints that you should consider when it comes to your printing in 2017. They may appear really simple or even obvious, but we believe that by making a few adaptations to your printing. You’ll be completely up to date with the trends and will be able to utilise your printing to the best way possible.


Wotton Printers have been printing for many years now and believe that we have all the skills and experienced required to be able to understand the printing industry and how things work. Having put our heads together and discuss previous trends and popular features of print, our team have came up with 5 tips to help your business stay on track with printing in the new year. Here is goes…

  1. Only use the best quality images and printing standard
  2. Include your social media
  3. Is it time for a re-brand? If it is, use this to your advantage and re-design your printing too
  4. Re-design your logo to reflect your brand better, and make sure it portrays your business
  5. The more you print, the further your message will go so try printing a higher quantity

What did you think of our advice? We believe that it is achievable for any business as it is easily incorporated into your current printing or budget. So if you’re looking to update your printing for the new year, these tips above are definitely a starting place for you. We hope that they have helped you and gave you inspiration or thought of how you can adapt your printing to fit the new trends.

Thinking Outside the Box

By adding something as simple as a social link to your printing it opens new doors for you where you can increase your brand awareness and publicise where your clients can find you on social media. This is brilliant and highly encouraged for any industry too… Whether you’re a plumber or beautician people need to know that they can find you on social media and contact you through there if they need to. Not only that, it provides a new like or follow to your profiles, which could result in a new job for your business. Perfect!

Contact the Experts at Wotton Printers

We hope that our tips have helped you and have had you thinking of new ways you can improve your printing for 2017. If you have any questions about this or are looking to place an order with Wotton Printers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today, we’d love to help you.