With the world of business being highly competitive, very few businesses succeed without any advertising. By advertising your business, you are introducing your customers to your products and services, sales, events and can even be used as brand awareness. Make the most of your business, the products and services it has to offer and use printing for your advertising. Without printing advertisements your business could be missing out on a huge amount of potential customers. This would mean that without business cards, leaflets, posters or banners etc. there would be nowhere for your business to branch out to new customers and develop further, leaving you with the same customers, sales and profits. Find out the reasons why printing should be used to advertise and the benefits it has for your business.

1. Target Market

The target market of your printed publication will target the geographic area of your business or specific consumer groups, sometimes it can even serve both. This means that advertising for your business can be completed much easier, whilst targeting a larger audience too. If your printing targets a specific market or group, for example mentioning the local area within the text, will show how you have took the time to target a certain group of people. In order to make full use of your printing material it is advised to target your printing around your target audience, to create a specific and personal criteria for your printing. This will effectively mean more to your customers by mentioning their location or personalised details where possible. It shows that you have took the time to print your advertisements for them and when printing letters, postcards etc. where you can add their name it can be the trigger of a sale and is worth the investment.

2. Reader Engagement

When watching television or surfing the internet, more often than not people will multitask, meaning that they will divide their attention. For people who multitask when watching the television, they could leave the room during advertisements or lose interest in what they are watching. Readers or internet browsers can often refine what they are looking for and overlook articles or pages that don’t interest them. This means that it is extremely important to engage with your customers and interest them in what you are offering. Make your printing interesting, with a headline to draw them into reading your print. Your printing could be passed aside if the overall appearance of your work isn’t top standard. Have a headline and images to attract the reader in and make the content interesting to guarantee a sale of your product or service.

3. Control

With printed advertising you are in control. You can determine the size, within editorial guidelines you dictate the content for your advertisement. Many publications will allow you to choose the placement of your advertisement, for example a restaurant might ask to be featured in the food section of a magazine. This will ensure that their advertisement will reach the target audience that are more likely to act on ad and make an enquiry.

4. Credibility

Print publications will often command a genuine credibility. The reader of your printing will trust the content within your publication, so any advertisements or offers must be genuine when it comes to a purchase. Your readers will expect the deals or offers that are presented within your printing when they make a purchase, so only offer the truth in order to keep a good reputation for your business. All of your content should be true and honest, giving readers a clear representation of your business and what you have to offer. With your reader knowing your printing content is all true, you are more likely to get a sale now that they know what they see is what they will get. Things such t-shirt printing can help to make your business seem more credible. Printing for your advertisements will give you a higher chance of a purchase now that they know they can put trust within you.

5. Visual Appeal

Having a well designed printing advertisement that is glossy, appealing and has a good appearance will instantly draw attention to your reader. This kind of printing is more likely to attract a reader and result in a purchase, rather than if there was a poor design, over cluttered and basic advertisement. A high quality printed advertisement will give the reader something interesting to read. Whether it be to take a break from their day, or the content attracts them into wanting to purchase your product or service. Be aware that the quality of the paper can also impact a sale so be prepared to have areas covered to have the best chance of a purchase. The better your printing looks, the higher chance you have of the reader remembering or even better purchasing your product or service.

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